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Triangle Strategy: How to Unlock all Characters

You need to do this a couple of times to unlock all of them

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Triangle Strategy is a turn-based role-playing game where you are going to follow the story of the protagonist Serenoa Wolffort.

It is set in the fictional continent of Norzelia. It has a similar game style to Final Fantasy Tactics. There are 30 different characters that you can recruit in the game and we are going to show you how to do it.

How to Unlock All Characters in Triangle Strategy

In Triangle Strategy you need to play the game 4 times to obtain all of the characters. There are 8 heroes that you can obtain in the beginning chapters of the game.

These are Serenoa Wolffort, Benedict Pascal, Frederica Aesfrost, Geela Breisse, Roland Glenbrook, Hughette Bucklar, Erador Ballentine, and Anna Pascal.

Obtaining all of the Characters in Triangle Strategy

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The characters are divided into 2, story-based recruits and conviction-based recruits.

Story-Based Recruits

In Chapter 3, if you take the Aesfrost Route, you can recruit Rudolph; however, if you take the Hyzante Route, you can recruit Corentin. In Chapter 15, you can get Milo by choosing the “Return to Wolffort” option and Cordelia by choosing the “Fight Loyalist” option.

Chapter 11 allows for the recruitment of Trish and Travis. In Chapter 15’s Frederica Path, the former can be unlocked if you select the option to “Defend Roselle.” At the same time, the latter can be recruited if you select the option to “Give up Roselle.”

You must acquire the perfect ending to obtain General Avlora. To get the ideal conclusion, follow these procedures.

  • Chapter 3 – Vote doesn’t affect the true ending
  • Chapter 7 – You can vote either way, however, if you protect Roland you must not use any of the fire traps in the Wolffort battle.
  • Chapter 9 – Decide to help Sorsley Ende in his Illegal salt trade
  • Chapter 10 – Reveal Roland’s identity and that he’s still alive to Svarog
  • Chapter 11 – Decide to protect Rosel, regardless of how it affects your relationship with Hyzante
  • Chapter 12 – Find the “key” in Roselle village. Use Frederica to distract the Village Elder and go to his house to obtain the key.
  • Chapter 15 – Decide to go back to Wolffort and visit Symon.
  • Chapter 17 – in the final decision choose the option “There must be another way”. After that choose these choices.
    • “Greet them with the Wolffort demesne’s wildfire?”
    • “Might Lord Svarog be the key?”
    • “We can expose the truth hidden within the Goddess’s statue.”
    • “They’re of the Consortium.”

Conviction-Based Recruits

You can obtain these characters based on your convictions.

  • Hossabara – 275 Utility and 110 Liberty
  • Julio – 275 Morality and 110 Utility
  • Jens – 450 Morality
  • Narve – 110 Morality and 275 Liberty
  • Piccoletta – 450 Liberty
  • Medina – 500 Morality and 400 Liberty
  • Lionel – 400 Utility
  • Ezana – 400 Utility and 500 Liberty
  • Archibald – 400 Morality and 500 Utility
  • Groma – 1050 Utility and 750 Liberty
  • Flanagan – 1050 Morality and 750 Utility
  • Decimal – 1600 Morality
  • Giovanna – 1600 Liberty
  • Quahag – 1600 Utility
  • Ser Maxwell – 750 Morality and 1050 Liberty and Must Save Roselle in Chapter 11
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