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Traha Global: Max Combat Power Guide

Follow these tips to increase your Combat Power

Romeli Daclizon



Traha Global Max Combat Power Guide

The MOAI gaming company created the MMORPG Traha Global. It is distinct from typical mobile RPGs in which auto-combat is present.

You will have to manually control your character in this game. Combat Power is also there; we shall tell you all about it.

Max Combat Power Guide in Traha Global
Credits: Spid

You can get stronger by raising your level and combat power in Traha Global. Combat Power measures the strength of your character.

By choosing the character from the Menu, you may see it. There are three of them: attack, defense, healing, and support.

Combat Power requirements can lock several missions, including the story; therefore, you must raise it to advance.

Increasing your Combat Power

Increasing your Combat Power
Credits: Spid

You can do the following actions to raise your maximum combat power:

  • Carry out your daily tasks to get experience.
  • You can buy pets using the platinum coins you earned from completing your daily tasks, and you can level them up to raise your Combat Power.
  • You can level up your cards by summoning them using the daily diamonds.
  • Select the Coin Store when you arrive at the store. Purchase a Diamond Box, Random Familiar/Pet Box, or Spirit Box using the kingdom coins. Additionally, this is available in the Faction Shop.
  • Purchase Primal Energy from the Coin Shop, then level up your core to boost your stats.
  • Enchant your weapons and trinkets.
  • Upgrade your trinket slots. You will get the materials for it in the dungeons.
  • Engrave your costume and trinkets.
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