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Traha Global: How to Craft | Crafting and Gathering Guide

Learn crafting and gathering with this Guide

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Traha Global How to Craft Crafting and Gathering Guide

Traha Global is a classic MMORPG that allows players to craft and gather to get better equipment and eventually get stronger to take on vicious monsters.

The lands are filled with dangerous monsters and the enjoyable combat makes it enjoyable to take them on.

However, aside from combat, players need to know early on that resource gathering and crafting are also vital to get better at the game. It can’t hurt to take a moment to gather, collect and craft when you need to.

This guide is going to help you how to craft and gather in Traha Globa. Let’s get started.

How to Craft and Gather Guide

Players can access the crafting and gathering menu by accessing the menu and clicking on the profession. This will allow you to access the crafting and gathering menu.

How to Craft and Gather Guide
Image source: Innategaming

To craft an item, the requirements needed for crafting are indicated on the lower right of the screen. Each item you craft will result in an item effect. You will also need the recipe needed to craft the item. This is located on the right side of your screen.

For example for the ordinary pickaxe, the item effect will be that gathering will increase by 60 when this item is equipped. In this case, you will need Labor points and gold. Moreover, Labor points can be purchased using shards. Shards can be procured by accomplishing missions.

Materials like copper ore can be purchased in towns by traders.

Meanwhile, the gathering menu will reveal many recipes the player can make.

copper ore
Image source: Innategaming

Once you have the gathering materials like the pickaxe, you can now start mining. In the example below, this is where a player can mine resources.

This will require a few labor points to mine. Mining gets you gravel and other resources.

labor points to mine
Image source: Innategaming

The gathering will also increase your skills making it an excellent change of pace from the usual combat.

On the lower right of your screen during mining, make sure to match the yellow circle with the stone icon. This will ensure that you will mine good resources available in the area.

PvP and PvE battles

Following these tips will ensure that you won’t go blindly into crafting and gathering. So try out this change of pace and make sure you get the best kind of resources for your next PvP and PvE battles!

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