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Traha Global: Beginner’s Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Experience living a faction against another faction. Pick your side in Traha Global.




Traha Global Beginners Guide Everything You Need to Know

Enter the new world of having different factions and discover the dungeons from the different regions of the vast world. Traha Global has a highly diverse and dynamic environment wherein you can battle other players head-on.

What makes it even more exciting is that you can switch from one class to another anytime and anywhere you are. From 1v1 arena, battlefield, sieges, and territorial battles, you can showcase your skills and unleash your potential among other players of Traha Global.

While it already seems fun by looking at the first glance, there are still a lot of features that might be overwhelming for a newbie player. With that, we provided you with this guide to further explain what to expect once you have already entered the game.

New Player Starter Guide – Traha Global

Beginners Guide Everything You Need to Know in Traha Global

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you must first do and everything that you must know when it comes to playing Traha Global.

We will start by teaching you how to pick a side, how to make your own character, and explore everything that you will encounter inside the game.

Choosing a Faction

Which Faction to Choose Traha

At the start of the game, you will be asked to choose the faction that you want to be in. This will be your first decision in the game that will determine how the rest of the game turns out.

There are two factions to pick from, the Vulcan and the Naiad. Each faction has its own morals, culture, and symbolism as well. Although there will be no specific gameplay advantage to either of them, you would just want to pick the side where your friends will be playing as well to be able to team up in-game.

Creating your Character

Creating your Character Traha
Source: TRAHA Global

After you have picked a side, you will proceed on creating your character customization.

The first thing you will have to choose is your character’s body type. On the right side of the screen, you will see four different body types–two for females and another two for males. Aside from the body built, this will also determine the costume and animations of your character.

Each body built can be paired with any class and weapon. You can actually preview the animation of how your character will look with a specific weapon by clicking the letters under the body types.

Once you have already decided on how your character will look, click the Next button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Character Customization Traha
Source: TRAHA Global

Moving on to this panel, you will now have to deal with the small details of your character’s appearance. You may want to spend hours customizing your character to make your character unique from the other players.

However, if you are not the type of player who values time and does not gives much attention to small details such as facial features, you can just access the Preset tab on the left side.

When you are done styling your character, you will also get to choose the voice that you think will suit the appearance of your character. Accessories are also available.

Once you are done with the overall appearance of your character, you will have to think of a unique name to call your character by clicking Create.


Tutorial Traha
Source: TRAHA Global

After you have dealt with your character’s physique, it’s time now to enter the tutorial. If you are a new player of Traha Global, it is highly recommended to do the tutorial as it will give you a gist of the game’s lore, and will teach you the basics of the skill mechanics.

Traha Global

Basically, you will just have to follow everything that’s told to be done like following the trail and stopping on the circle. Once you have encountered enemies, you will be introduced to your basic attack and skills.

As you can see in the picture, you will have a total of five skill slots. You can set your key binds in the settings to easily access them.

Weapons and Skills Traha

However, the default basic weapon is not always applicable to all kinds of enemies and playstyles. Here, you will also be taught how to change classes.

Simply click the weapon beside your name and choose which class to use instead. As expected, every change in class also changes the set of skills that you have. Make sure to explore all these to familiarize the variety of skills and how to cast them properly.

Inside the World

Weapon in Traha

After you have finished the tutorial, you will be redirected into the real world of Traha Global.

Once you spawn, the first thing you have to do is pick your first weapon. Make sure to think this through since you are still at the start of the game, you will not be able to change weapons yet after some 10 minutes of the game.

After that, you will already be given the main quest of the game. Make sure to prioritize the main quests as these will give you the class unlocks tokens.

Pet in Traha

Plus, another important thing to do is to claim the pre-registration rewards. One of the rewards includes a pet called Shu Shu, a little red panda chef.

So, if you are into cute stuff, you definitely have to get this.

Life Skills

Life Skills Traha

What’s even more interesting about Traha Global is that it doesn’t just revolve around combat and doing missions. There are also these life skills that each has a gathering and crafting aspect that will help you with survival.

There are four professions that you can choose from: cooking and fishing, harvesting and crafting, mining and blacksmithing, and excavation and archaeology.

Although doing this is optional, there are also Daily Profession Quests that will encourage you to do this and speed up leveling.

Daily Profession Quests Traha

After you have gathered enough materials, you can now start crafting. If you make food, it can give you a specific buff.

But make sure to craft just enough numbers and don’t get too excited about making those crafted materials.

Level Requirements

Level Requirements Traha

If you are already inside the game, you cannot just jump into doing specific activities or go into battles. Some tasks and fields have level requirements.

World Bosses are unlocked at level 10. Dungeons unlock at level 12. It starts with solo dungeons before the group dungeons. Kingdom Quests unlock at level 15.

In terms of the PvP side–8v8 Battlegrounds unlock at level 15, Dual Arena at level 18, and 200 versus 200 is available from level 10,

But if you really want to get into fighting, you can speed up your leveling by completing daily quests and side quests.

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