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Tower of God M: Who to Reroll For

Figure out who’s the best unit to get in a reroll.




Tower of God M Who to Reroll For

Tower of God M: The Great Journey was released globally on February 14, 2023. This caused fans of the webtoon to get excited about this new idle role-playing game.

The main goal of this game is for the protagonist, Baam, to climb up the tower in order to grant his ultimate wish.

But to do that, Baam should defeat the Tower Guardians first. This means that there will be a lot of combat happening in this tower.

To achieve that, you must have a strong team to match. And you can do this by focusing on certain characters to reroll. Let’s find out who that is.

Who to Reroll in Tower of God M

Who to Reroll in Tower of God M

To answer it quickly, the character you would want to get after a reroll is Evan Edrok. He is one of the current S-tiers, and he’s a Legendary character as well.

That said, Evan takes on the role of a Support/Healer.

To start rerolling, simply go to the main page and select the Summon tab.

Who to Reroll in Tower of God M 1

Source: RoKage

After that, click on the 10 rolls option which will then trigger a cutscene of a new character entering the tower. Remember that the character you want to aim for is Evan.

However, if Lady Luck is not on your side, Ha Jin Sung is also another excellent character to aim for.

Who to Reroll in Tower of God M 2

He is another Legendary character who also belongs to the S-tier. Unlike Evan, however, Jinsung takes on the role of a tank.

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