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Tower of God M: The Great Journey: Which Is the Best Character | Tier List

Learn which characters to look for when summoning with this guide.




Tower of God M The Great Journey Which Is the Best Character Tier List

Tower of God M: The Great Journey features a large cast of characters, as is expected of the gacha idle-RPG genre.

As always, some characters are extremely strong when compared to others. This is exactly what we’ll go over in this guide.

Let’s look at the best characters you should get your hands on as soon as possible!

The Best Characters to Obtain

The Best Characters to Obtain

Source: Tower of God Fandom Wiki

The current best character in the game, according to the community, is Albelda.

In fact, Albelda is considered so overpowered that there’s not much need for a tier list currently. In other words, all you really need is Albelda.

Albelda is a Legendary Support-type character. Her abilities allow her to provide shields to allies who have 90% or more HP. If their HP drops below 90%, Albelda can also heal them.

Her secondary ability allows her to speed up the cooldowns for all of her allies. This means other characters will be able to use their abilities much more often.

Lastly, she grants debuff immunity to all allies for 4 secs when she’s transcended.

All of these abilities make Albelda extremely versatile and powerful. If nothing else, she’s easily the best healer in the game. She has basically no competition in that regard.

That said, there are two other very notable characters in the game. They’re as follows:

Evan Edrok

Evan Edrok

Source: Tower of God Fandom Wiki

First off, we have Evan, a Legendary Support/Healer-type character. He is generally considered the second-best in the game currently, second only to Albelda.

Evan is a full Support character, with his first ability allowing him to recover his allies’ health by up to 60%. His secondary ability reduces the damage taken by whichever ally has the lowest HP currently.

To further cement his support role, his EX ability increases allies’ defense for 16 seconds.

Lastly, when Evan is transcended he raises normal attack power for 7 seconds, deals magic damage 5 times to enemies within range, and recovers HP to all allies within range.

Evan is extremely good at supporting and keeping his team alive. If it weren’t for Albelda’s all-around utility, he would be considered the best healer in the game easily.

Jyu Viole Grace

Jyu Viole Grace

Source: Tower of God Fandom Wiki

Who else would make it to this list other than the protagonist of the webtoon himself?

Contrary to the other two characters we’ve talked about, Jyu Viole Grace is an all-out Legendary DPS character.

His primary and secondary abilities allow him to deal massive damage and even stun enemies, making him a remarkable damage dealer.

However, his ace in the hole is his EX ability. This ability deals up to 907% Magic damage to all enemies. Considering his passive already increases his Magic and Critical damage, his damage output is insane.

On top of that, he can increase normal attack power for 7 seconds when transcended.

While not reaching the all-around usefulness of Albelda or Evan, Viole can easily decimate enemy groups with EX ability. He earned his spot as one of the best characters in the game.

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