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Tower of God M: The Great Journey: Reroll and Summons Guide

Learn how the game’s gacha summoning systems work and how to reroll.




Tower of God M The Great Journey Reroll and Summons Guide 1

Tower of God M: The Great Journey is a gacha idle RPG based on the popular webtoon and anime of the same name.

Understanding the game’s summoning mechanics and how to reroll is key to victory. This is especially true if you wish to play the game without spending any money on rolls.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the game’s summons and reroll system.

How Rerolls and Summons Work

How Rerolls and Summons Work

Source: ACGamer

The game’s gacha summons system becomes available in the Headon’s Abode which opens up after reaching Chapter 1-3 of the game’s story.

To start, simply click on the moon-shaped icon on the game’s home screen to enter the recruit screen.

The game’s banners are divided into 5 different types which are as follows:

  • General Banner – This is the only banner with the blue summons. It contains all permanent Legendary characters and weapons for every character.
  • Rate Up Character Banner – This is a banner with increased chances to obtain non-limited characters. New characters often debut in this banner before being moved to the General Banner.
  • Rate Up Weapon Banner – This is a banner with increased chances to obtain the Starting Weapons of characters featured in the Rate Up Character Banner.
  • Limited Character Banner – This banner features rare limited characters. Characters in this banner don’t get added to the General Banner, so get them while you can!
  • Limited Character Weapon Banner – This is a banner with a rate up for the weapons associated with the current Limited Character Banner. Weapons themselves aren’t limited, however.
How Rerolls and Summons Work 1

Source: ACGamer

The game also has a pity system that guarantees a Legendary after 90 rolls. You also have a 50% chance increase of getting a Rate Up Legendary after getting a regular Legendary.

The pity system chances are banner-specific. For example, 89 rolls in the general banner won’t guarantee a Legendary the next time you roll on the Limited Character Banner.

How to Reroll

How to Reroll

Source: ACGamer

First, progress up to Chapter 1-3 to unlock the Headon’s Abode. Check your in-game inbox and claim all free starting rewards to give you some rolls to get you started.

Head to the Headon’s Abode by pressing the moon-shaped icon on the game’s home screen. Use up all your rolls and hope for a Legendary character.

The absolute best character to look for when rerolling is Evan. It’s highly recommended to reroll until you get Evan, though that can be time-consuming.

If you’re unsatisfied with your rolls, go into the Settings menu, click Account, then choose to reset or delete your account.

You’ll now be able to start the game again, letting you freely reuse your initial rolls when you get to Chapter 1-3. Do this until you’re satisfied with the results and you’re ready to start the game.

Characters to Lookout For

Characters to Lookout For

In this section, we’ll quickly cover some of the best characters to roll for. It’s recommended to wait until these characters have a Rate Up or Limited banner available.

We’ll also tell you which level of Transcension to look for. Transcension occurs when you roll a duplicate of one character.

For example, imagine you already have Albelda. If you roll again and get another Albelda, your Albelda will be in Transcension 2, also known as T2, thus unlocking new abilities.

Now, these are the characters you should save your rolls for:

  • Albelda – She’s easily one of the best characters in the game. Getting her to T2 is essential but T6 is ideal.
  • Evan Edrok – Quite possibly the best starting character if you reroll. If you have him already, get him to T2 when possible. T5 is also great without spending too much.

It’s also recommended to skip Rate Up Banners unless it’s one of these characters. Rate Up Characters will be made permanent in the General Banner as mentioned earlier.

As much as possible, save up for the rare Limited Character Banners.

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