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Tower of God: Great Journey: How to Claim Free Summons

Get summons for free with a redeem code!




Tower of God Great Journey How to Claim Free Summons

Tower of God’s gameplay is centered around deck building and team management, with the strategic building of your deck and team being the key to winning battles.

However, there are even more tools you can use to ensure victory. One of them is via Summons.

With Summons, you can bring in a powerful ally or perform a strong attack to help you out in battle. There are numerous ways to buy and unlock Summons in the game, but there is also a way to get them for free.

This guide will show you how by using codes.

How to Get Codes

How to Get Codes

Source: RoKage

To get codes, you need to keep up-to-date with all of the updates made by the developers of the game.

Here are the channels to follow to ensure you get free codes: 

  • Social Media Pages – The developers frequently hand out codes through their socials like Twitter Youtube, and Facebook
  • The Game’s Official Website – The developers also always give free codes on the game’s official website.
  • Reddit – Users often share codes in the game’s subreddit.

Currently, there is one code that can be used to claim free Summons which is WELCOMETOG2023. This code will give you five Special Summon Tickets.

    Keep in mind that codes are case-sensitive. Make sure you copy them exactly as they appear here.

    How to Redeem the Codes

    How to Redeem the Codes

    Source: RoKage

    To redeem codes, simply follow these steps:

    • Head over to your Menu
    • Go to Settings
    • Select Account, then click on the Redeem Code option
    • Enter the code that you have and press OK afterward

    With this, you can enjoy the freebies that come with the code you entered.

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