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Tower of God Great Journey: Beginner’s Guide | How to Play

Learn the ropes of the game and its mechanics!




Tower of God Great Journey Beginners Guide How to Play

Tower of the God is a deep mobile RPG with numerous mechanics, all interlinking to create a cohesive experience that you can easily pile hundreds of hours into.

Because of the game’s multiple mechanics and deep gameplay, it can be tough to jump into if you are a beginner.

To help you with that, we have created this guide to teach you everything you need to know if you’re playing the game for the first time.

Here are the mechanics you should pay attention to:



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Gameplay is done through a card system that allows you to use the abilities of different heroes. You directly control your character while you use a set of cards that you create yourself, providing a lot of depth and versatility.

Characters can also build bonds to increase affection between them and allow them to access new skills and increase their power.

There are numerous modes in the game which are as follows:

  • Rice Cooker – In this mode, you can farm for an idle reward which will also strengthen your characters. Your objective is to fight and defeat all enemies on each floor.
  • Story Mode – In story mode, you play through the game’s plot. This is an auto-battler mode that awards you with summoning stones, upgrade materials, items, and more.
  • Challenge Mode – There are numerous sub-challenge modes under this mode where you will fight bosses to obtain materials to increase your character’s bonds, gear, gold, and upgrade materials.

Weapons & Gear

Weapons Gear


In the game, each character has a dedicated starting weapon which allows you to use each character’s unique skills. You can then get more powerful starting weapons via banners.

It is also possible to upgrade starter weapons with starter weapon enhancement stones which you can get from the main story and tower of trials.

You also have gear like gloves, boots, armor, and more which you can unlock through the story and idle system.

As with any game, gear can improve and strengthen your characters when equipped. You can also upgrade them by using lesser armor enhancement stone and gold.



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There are a few different currencies you can get by spending real money or completing objectives.

Each currency has different shop sections they work with. They’re as follows:

  • Diamond – Diamonds can only be acquired through achievement or if you purchase them with real-world money. You buy anything with this currency.
  • Market Coins – Market Coins are acquired when fighting bosses in your guild’s king’s command challenge or buy them with Diamonds. With this currency, you can purchase summoning stones, gold, and keys for the tower of trials.
  • Summoning Token – Summoning Tokens can be bought with market coins and diamonds or by completing quests or story levels. This currency is used for Banners.
  • Gold – Gold is acquired by completing missions or as an Idle reward. Gold is used to improve the skills of heroes skills or purchase armor, spells, tower keys, and summon stones.

Team Building

Team Building

Team building is crucial to getting wins in the game. This means you can add and replace characters to create the optimal team for any given mission or enemy.

You have complete freedom over team creation, putting strategy at the forefront of gameplay.

God’s Inventory

Gods Inventory

You can earn and craft all of the gear you need in God’s inventory. But to do so, you will first have to clear the Guide mission to open it by crafting one item five times.

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