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Tower of Fantasy: Unlock Spacerift Quicksand Lair Guide

Quick sands and even quicker travel




Tower of Fantasy is a gacha based, open world MMO ARPG with a very similar vein to Genshin Fantasy.

Due to the vastness of the world getting from one point to another can be problematic – or it would be if there weren’t a mechanic to deal with it.

The Spacerifts, allow for quick travel. One in the Vera Plane can be particularly tricky to find, so I have made this guide to help you unlock it.

Quicksand Lair’s Spacerift Location

To find this spacerift teleport to the closest location you have available to the coordinates 707.6, 1774.5.

Once you are in the desert mark that location on your map and start moving there; make sure to use your jetpack to jump high in the air and glide, avoiding the quicksands to not be sucked. That is, until you reach the previous coordinates, as shown in the image below:

When you are there, let yourself drop into the quicksand below, and wait to drown into them. They will actually send you to a new location, where the Spacerift is.

If you marked it on your map beforehand it will point you to where you should go on your screen, but if you did not, from your falling point simply go to the left, keeping close to the edge of the area, and you will come to the Spacerift soon enough.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet
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