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Tower of Fantasy: Ultimate Fishing Guide | Everything You Need to Know

Looking for a fun and relaxing experience? Let’s go fishing!




Tower of Fantasy Ultimate Fishing Guide Everything You Need to Know

Tower of Fantasy is a popular action RPG game developed by Hotta studio. In this adventure, the player controls a customizable avatar and wanders a vast 3D land looking for a wide array of experiences, ranging from battling ferocious enemies to exploring interesting landscapes.

But if you just want some relaxing mini-game, then Tower of Fantasy also has a fishing system. Let’s find out everything you need to know about it and more here.

Getting Started with Fishing

Getting Started with Fishing
Source: gateoo

Unfortunately, Tower of Fantasy’s fishing system is not as straightforward as one may think . We have listed several steps that you will need to follow if you want to see your aquarium full of pretty fish in no time!

For starters, we want to get a rod. To get one, we will need to access the store and find the basic rod (the green one). It will cost 1000 gold coins so keep that in mind. The better the road, the heavier the prey you can catch.

Getting Started with Fishing 1
Source: gateoo

We can proceed to buy our bait. You can find bait at the store for 100 gold coins, and you can get a maximum of 350 units weekly, so be mindful of this.

Now we are finally ready to start fishing! However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind first. The amount of experience you gain is tied to the fish’s rarity. Also, as you level up, you can unlock new things in the store such as new baits and new rods.

You will need new rods if you want to catch heavier fish, so we recommend toying around with them.

Getting Fish Tokens

Getting Fish Tokens
Source: gateoo

Now that you have fished some creatures, we want to make money off them. You need to keep in mind that the price of the fish drops the longer you wait to sell them, so do it quickly. To get dark crystals, you simply need to fish rare specimens.

The higher the fish’s rarity, the greater number of dark crystals you’ll get.

The fish market in the game works in a similar sense to real-world stocks. You can check the price of the day for each fish and plan your financial moves accordingly.

Remember that in China the prices that are dropping are colored green and the prices that have increased are colored red. We recommend selling the fish before the 3rd day, as it will get rotten and lower its price afterward.

The Fish King System

The Fish King System

While fishing, you may come across a heavy special variant of the fish you are seeking. To get any specific King fish variant, you can get special bait that increases the odds of getting a specific kind of fish.

When you get the King fish, the game will record its weight and every player will compete against each other to find out who got the heaviest.

If you managed to get the week’s heaviest fish, you will be rewarded with a brand-new flaming avatar.

The Meryl Fishing Technique

With another player, you can use Meryl’s trait to freeze the water. After that, all you need to do is poke a small hole somewhere in the ice layer.

You will then aim your rod at that spot and start fishing. Thanks to this method, the fish won’t be able to go anywhere and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes part of your collection.

Putting Fish to the Aquarium

After all that work, you must have a lot of fish to add to your aquarium. To do this, you only need to interact with the aquariums panel and select which fish you want to store.

Be careful though! You can’t take back the fish once it’s in the aquarium, so choose carefully. You can keep up to 8 fish in your Aquarium, so choose your favorites.

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