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Tower of Fantasy: Rudolph Plane World Boss Location

Beware of the antlers.




In Tower of Fantasy you come across multiple enemies you can defeat for resources. They might drop upgrade materials, quest items that will hand you something else in reward, weapons.

A step up from the normal enemies are small minibosses of the target list. And a step above these is the big guys. World Bosses.

In this guide, we will teach you where to find Rudolph, Vera’s new world boss.

Rudolph World Boss Location

You will find this world boss at the Listener Testing Ground, southeast of the Silvercoast Lab. The coordinates are -38.2, -616.7. The LTG is sort of a pit that you can fall into it and start the battle on your terms and not by randomly crossing paths with Rudolph.

Among its other many rewards, Rudolph can drop various Combat Engines and Booster Modules of grade II, as well as two kinds of Spacetime Fragments to exchange for goods in the Spacetime Store.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet

Being a world boss, Rudolph is extremely hard and not a challenge you should take up on alone. The attacks are wide and strong, a single hit probably being more than enough to put you down.

Find people who will join to take on this challenge and rain down hell on Rudolph, or this deer machine of destruction will rain down hell on you.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet
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