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Tower of Fantasy: Raging Horn Sergey List of Targets

Pull out your notes and mark the Raging Horn off.




Tower of Fantasy got the Vera update, and you know what that means: a checklist of powerful enemies you will find scattered through the new area for you to fight and finish off.

If you are having trouble localizing these fellows do not worry, we put this and other articles to help you find them.

Raging Horn Sergey Location

You will find Raging Horn Sergey near the Evil’s Clutch Oasis Spacerift. If you are missing this space rift, it is the one northeast of Karst Cave and East of the Saltwater Oasis. From your closest spacerift, go to the coordinates 963.5, -750.2 to find your opponent.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet

While in the area you will cross paths with creatures such as Horror Beast and giant rhinos. Raging Horn Sergey is the biggest one of them, with a large white horn that points back at its body and something akin to a bone mask.

Chances are that if you attack it you will not be fighting it alone: other enemies in the area are easily provoked and will join the strife, so it’s you versus all of them.

As it is proper for a rhino, Sergey can do considerably big amounts of damage, almost two thirds of your bar in a charge, so try to avoid standing in front of it and do your combos from the sides or from behind. Attacking at a distance also helps, since you will be able to see it coming.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet
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