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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Smart Servant

She has multiple outfits you can get too




Are you feeling in need of company? The Vera update of Tower of Fantasy may just have the answer to your problem! Among the many additions to the update, one of them is the smart servant Mi-a. Check out in this guide we made how to unlock her

How to Get the Smart Servant Mi-a

Unlocking Mi-a is a storyline-related matter. A new series of main quests will be given to you as you unlock the Vera area and start taking on its challenges.

Eventually, you will come to a laboratory where Shelly will ask you to get Omnium so that the smart servant Mi-a can be powered. Getting the Omnium is a long quest but as it is the main one and part of the storylines all the instructions are laid out for you in the game.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet

When you get it, all that is needed is to come back to the Furcare Core Site and talk to Shelly. Talking to her will trigger a cutscene where the smart servant Mi-a is activated and given to you.

Once you are outside, by tapping B you can get to the Mi-a outfit modification system, where you are to choose among some outfits for her.

Once an outfit has been picked, all you need to do is click or accept on “Follow” and Mi-a will appear next to your character, and follow around wherever you go.

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