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Tower of Fantasy: Desertborn Loke List of Targets

The baddest creature of Karst Cave.




Tower of Fantasy got the Vera update, and you know what that means: a checklist of powerful enemies you will find scattered through the new area for you to fight and finish off.

If you are having trouble localizing these fellows do not worry, we put this and other articles to help you find them.

Desertborn Loke Location

You will find Desertborn Loke near either of the two close-to Karst Cave Spacerifts. This is southeast of the Saltwater Oasis and southwest of Evil’s Clutch Oasis.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet

As you move to either spacerift, make your way towards the Karst Cave. Jump down as it is underground.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet

Once you get to the lowest level, keep an eye out for what looks like a giant crab and spider hybrid.

This is the Desertborn Loke, who will be accompanied by other spiders in the area. The spider enemies are aggroed just by them noticing your presence, so keep an eye out as they are sure to come out for you as well.

The Desertborn Loke hits extremely hard and you have to be careful of both AoE attacks and projectiles to survive.

The best strategy is probably to focus first on the small spiders. They stick close to the Desertborn Loke as well, so getting inside in melee means you will be eating attacks from both sides.

Since they do not have too much HP and will go down quickly if you are attacking them, do so to free yourself the attention of having another enemy to avoid.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet
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