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Tower of Fantasy: Cave Mushroom Puzzle Vera Solution

Your reward is not in another castle




Tower of Fantasy Vera’s update brought plenty of new things to do in this loved open-world MMORPG.

One of the things you can expect from the new area is tall mushrooms that are involved in little puzzles. One in the Vera Plane can be particularly tricky to see, so I have made this guide to help you find it.

Cave Mushrooms

Cave Mushrooms are an addition that you will only find in the caves of Vera. They seemingly do not do anything, but as the codex will tell you, finding “a special strange object” nearby will let them finish their grow and unlock their black nucleus.

Image Credit: Mobile Game

In the place with this mushroom, for example, you will find the special object just front (or back, depending on your perspective) of the mushroom.

Image Credit: Mobile Game

The special object is a series of dark purple colored crystals found in the platform back.

Jump high with the jetpack and fly back/or front in a way that when you land on one of the rocky platforms, you end up with this perspective, the mushroom is just down and front of you, and the crystals will be to your right.

Shoot or attack them and move back to the mushroom to find the Black nucleus on top of its pileus. Picking it up will increase your exploration rate and grant you an object.

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