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Tower of Fantasy: Carrandi Secret Gold Location

It’s time for hunting




If you are looking for a fight in Tower of Fantasy, we got the perfect candidate to you. A mini-boss you will find in Vera by the name of Secret Gold Carrandi. If you want to find this creature, this guide is to guide you to it.

Secret Gold Carrandi Location

Secret Gold Carrandi is found West of the Magma Lair area and Northwest of the Billows Valley. The exact coordinates of the area where it shows are 221.2, and -1908.1

There are two Spacerifts close by so use either one to get there, as both are located more or less at the same distance from specified coordinates and the area Secret Gold Carrandi spawns in.

If you do not have either of the Spacerifts this is also the perfect chance to activate one spacerift or both, so go for it and make your travel count.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet

As you are in this area, keep an eye out for what looks like the giant hybrid of a scorpion and a lizard. This creature is Secret Gold Carrandi.

It does not seem to be too threatening when it comes to its offense but keep an eye out for anything, and it packs a lot of health and defense, so make sure to be prepared for the challenge and a hot minute of constantly attacking it to bring it down.

Image Credit: ZaFrostPet
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