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Tower of Fantasy 2.3: How to Solve Titan Konjac Puzzle

Purify the air in the Miasmic Swamp to solve this puzzle.




Tower of Fantasy 2.3 How to Solve Titan Konjac Puzzle

The new Miasmic Swamp map in the Vera Region has a lot of secrets and puzzles that are yet to be discovered and solved.

Successfully doing these puzzles and quests will grant you Black Nucleus and other rewards as well.

One of the puzzles that you can find here is the Titan Konjac Puzzle, and we’ll show you how to eliminate the poisonous gas around the area in this guide.

How to Solve Titan Konjac Puzzle

How to Solve Titan Konjac Puzzle

Source: JFMSTR

As you arrive in the swamp, you will immediately notice the foggy surroundings. This is the poisonous gas caused by the Titan Konjac.

Failure to eliminate the poison will cause continuous stamina drain.

To get rid of this poisonous gas, you have to activate certain devices that nullify the poison. Here’s how:

Activate the Device

Activate the Device 1

Source: JFMSTR

As you arrive in this area of the swamp, you will notice this machine that will release an atomized mist of diluted Revelation Tree Sap.

This will help you remove the poisonous gas all over the swamp. The problem is that it is not yet working.

To activate this, you have to align the three revolving boxes with the two boxes on top and below them. All you have to do is hit it with a physical attack every time the box aligns.

You have to do this three times until all boxes are aligned in the middle.

Once all boxes are aligned, you will get a Black Nucleus behind the machine. When it turns green, it means that the device has been activated.

You will also get a buff of not getting poisoned if you approach the area near the Konjac area.

Collect Revelation Seeds

Collect Revelation Seeds

Source: JFMSTR

When the machine is activated, go near the Konjac area and look for Revelation Seeds scattered around the area. You only need to pick up four of them.

Go to the Brood

Go to the Brood

Source: JFMSTR

Carry your four Revelation Seeds as you go to the Brood which is a giant egg-like structure. This will require the following types of seeds: snowsource, lightningsource, landsource, and sunsource.

After using all these, the brood will hatch and an Aikea will appear. You have to defeat this to get the last needed resources to eliminate the poisonous gas.

Keep in mind that Aikea is a strong opponent, so fighting alongside your friends or other players is recommended.

When you finally take down Aikea, it will drop the Germinated Revelation Seed.

Look for the tall structure that you can see around the area that looks like this. Here, you can use the Germinated Revelation Seed to finally take down the Titan Konjac.

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