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Tower of Fantasy 2.3: All Target Locations in Miasmic Swamp

Increase the progression of your exploration by finding and eliminating these targets.

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Tower of Fantasy 2.3 All Target Locations in Miasmic Swamp

Tower of Fantasy has tons of exploration you can do while the main story quest is still unavailable.

You can do puzzles, find chests, defeat World Bosses or mini-bosses, and many more.

The new 2.3 update added a new area to the game in the form of the poisonous Miasmic Swamp. This means new targets are introduced as well, and we will show you where to find them.

Miasmic Swamp List of Targets Location

Miasmic Swamp List of Targets Location
Source: Tower of Fantasy

There are 17 targets in the Miasmic Swamp. There’s the World Boss, seven different enemies found in a specific place, and nine that are spawned using a set of items.

Let’s get started.

World Boss – Abyssant: Eva


World Boss Abyssant Eva
Source: Meister Rugen

First is the World Boss, Abyssant: Eva. Like any other World Boss in Tower of Fantasy, you need a lot of allies to defeat it.

Once defeated, you will obtain an Exoskeleton which can either be R, SR, or SSR.


Source: Meister Rugen

The second is a special variant of the Shield Beast, Bethel.

It has a white color instead of the usual brown color of a Shielded Beast and has a higher HP, defense, and attack.

You can locate it just below the bridge in Outpost 10.



The third is a special variant of a Sand Predator called Zileno located north of the Fjord.



Above the plateau west of Outpost 10, you will find a special variant of a Horror Beast called Arsa.

You can defeat it by luring it onto a cliff and then making it fall by itself, defeating it in the process.



The following target is the unique variant of a Saber-Toothed Wolf, Lange located northwest of the previous target location.



Southwest of the Ecological Research Station is the next target which is a unique variant of a Sand Otter called Teton.



The seventh is located west of the Miasmic Swamp.

To get there, teleport to the Spacerift: Upper Northern Narrows located west of the Northern Gorge to get to the area and find the unique variant of a Star Antelope, Eugene.



The last of the targets that can be found roaming around the Miasmic Swamp is the unique variant of the Giant Horn Rhino, Tyran located southeast of Base Station 2.

Brood Enemy

Brood Enemy

A Brood is an egg-like structure that can be activated by spending Augmentation Materials. It can be fed with Landsource, Sunsource, Lightningsource, or Snowsource.

After spending three types of Augmentation Materials, you need one Revelation Seed to insert to spawn a Brood Enemy.

These are the 9 enemies it spawns and the combinations needed:

  • Jeham – The first is Jeham, and you need three Sunsources to spawn it.
  • Shudel – The second is Shudel, and it needs three Landsources.
  • Palo – The third Brood enemy is Palo; to spawn it, you need three Lightningsources.
  • Kruid – Spending three Snowsources on the Brood will spawn Kruid.
  • Aikea – If you spend one Snowsource, one Lightningsource, and one Landsource, the Brood will spawn Aikea.
  • Trundle – The following Brood enemy is Trundle, and you need one Lighningsource, one Landsource, and one Sunsource to spawn it.
  • Kinnin – Spending two Snowsource and one Lightningsource will make the Brood spawn Kinnin.
  • Haynes – With two Lightningsources and one Snowsource spent on the Brood, it will spawn Haynes.
  • Yorkham – The last Brood enemy is Yorkham; to spawn it, you need two Landsources and one Sunsource.

Defeating the enemies on this list for the first time will unlock an achievement.

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