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Top Tips and Tricks for KartRider: Drift

KartRider: Drift is a much anticipated kart racer that will bring the beloved Mario Kart formula to the cross-play and free-to-play spaces. Here are some top tips and tricks to improve!




Top Tips and Tricks for KartRider Drift

KartRider: Drift provides exciting drift-focused racing that also has you picking up items to help you or hinder your opponents. The best part is this is an entirely free experience that also provides cross-play features.

That means that iSO, Android, PC, and soon Xbox and Playstation players will all be able to race together! Though the game’s Preseason will only be starting on January 11th, there is already a beta, allowing players to get their hands on the game early.

If you are looking to get your hands on this game and want to have a head start on all of your friends, here are some great tips and tricks to ensure you improve quickly!

Learn the Racing Mechanics

Learn the Racing Mechanics

Source: donutKR

Though the game does have items that can help you during a race, the game is much more focused on skill-based racing. That means you’ll have to master the racing mechanics if you want to progress in the game.

Some of the mechanics you’ll need to master are:

  • Instant Boosts – Boost instantly, ‘nough said.
  • Switch Cut – Boost into a turn while drifting, greatly improving the accuracy of your turning.
  • Counterturning – Turning against your current drift to prolong its length.
  • Combo Boosting – Chain numerous boosts together so you can get around turns even faster without losing speed.

Learn the Items

Learn the Items

Source: Explosion Network

If you are looking to master the game, you’ll need to learn what each item does. Here is a quick description of each.

  • Angel Armour – Protects the team from attacks
  • Banana – slow down and spins out the enemy racer
  • Barricade – Create three hazards that break when hit
  • Cloud cover – Obscure track with fog
  • Magnet – Slow down the target and drag you toward them
  • Missile – Hits target in the air
  • Seeker Missile – Hits first-place racer into the air
  • UFO – Slows first-place racer
  • Shield –  Protects from attacks
  • Water Wisp –  Traps opponent in bubble
  • Water Bomb – Creates bubble area, trapping all karts caught inside

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