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Tips that Will Improve Your Skills in T3 Arena

Implement these not-so-obvious tips to improve

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Tips that Will Improve Your Skills in T3 Arena

T3 Arena is quickly becoming the top competitive hero shooter in mobile. The game has a variety of different heroes battling in a fun deadly 3v3 formula. Players are looking for chances to improve as fast as possible to become the best in the servers.

This guide gives players 5 essential tips to greatly improve their skills in T3 Arena. Let’s dive in

5 Tips to Improve Your Skills

1. Aim for the Head

Like most other shooter games, T3 Arena rewards players for precision. Aiming for the head deals greater damage than if you were to shoot their body.

Aim for the Head T3 Arena
Image credits: Deception

Remember, you do less damage if you shoot on the body. You can tell if you’re dealing additional damage by the color of the damage numbers.

  • White damage = body damage
  • Red damage = head damage

2. Save Gems for Premium Pass

Currency used for skins and boxes. The only way to obtain these items is from the battle pass. You can purchase it for saving them from 1 to 2 seasons

Save Gems for Premium Pass T3 Arena
Image credits: Deception

3. Angle Advantage

Players should remember that T3 Arena is a third-person shooter game, which is very different from a first-person shooter game.

In third-person games, you can take advantage of the camera angle by hiding behind structures to get a jump on the enemy.

Angle Advantage T3 Arena
Image credits: Deception

Make use of this information to turn the fight quickly to your advantage.

4. Use Abilities Wisely

Sometimes, using abilities that are not their intended use is optimal. Remember to think about the box.  Hero shooters like T3 Arena reward players that use creativity in their ability usage.

5. Constantly Reposition Yourself

As you may have experienced, once an enemy kills you, players will be able to determine where their enemy is positioned. Because of this, make sure to constantly reposition yourself to keep the enemies guessing.

Constantly reposition yourself T3 Arena
Image credits: Deception

This also makes sure that you are in a good position to help teammates and work together to eliminate the enemy.

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