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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Silicone Ring Legendary Ring Guide

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tiny tinas wonderlands silicone ring legendary ring guide

Ah, Legendary items! What would be Borderlands without the craving and the madness to obtain those powerful weapons and accessories? It adds a flavour to the mayhem that’s hard to resist! Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, like every other game in the franchise, also has its share of high-powered artefacts you’ll want to add to your inventory. This guide will show you how to acquire the Silicone Legendary Ring!

Silicone Ring Legendary Ring Guide – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Rings are a class of items that increase your stats. You are able to equip 2 Rings on your character, but you will need to unlock these slots throughout the game.

The Silicone Legendary Ring’s effect is described as such: “While you are above 50% Health, the Silicone Ring’s stats are increased by 33%.”

tiny tinas wonderlands silicone ring legendary ring guide2

Fantastic. Now, the big question—how to get it?

Per usual, you can find it as a world drop from any suitable loot source. But that’s an unreliable and oftentimes frustrating endeavour.

The other way is to try your luck with the Barf Bunnies in the Chaos Chamber.

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The Chaos Chamber is a randomised area full of randomised dungeons that you access after completing the main quest. When you reach the loot room at the end of a run, you’ll find two rows of rabbit statues.

tiny tinas wonderlands silicone ring legendary ring guide3

Each of them will have a symbol over their head indicating what type of items you will get from them. You’ll want to spend at least 500 Crystals for a chance at receiving the Silicone Ring.

Anything less than 500 Crystals will reward you with mediocre items, so if you’re going to spend your precious currency, do it wisely!

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