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The Truth About Eye-Lashes Quest Guide – One Piece Odyssey

Find the long forgotten friend from Alabasta by doing this quest.

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The Truth About Eye Lashes Quest

One Piece Odyssey is a JRPG that will take you down memory lane. As you play the game, some quests let you experience and remember some of the older storylines of One Piece.

One of the side quests you can do is tied to the Alabasta arc, and we will show you how to complete it.

Starting the Side Quest, The Truth About Eye-Lashes

Starting the Side Quest The Truth About Eye Lashes
Source: 100% Guides

The side quest we are talking about is “The Truth About Eye-Lashes” quest. Where you have to find a familiar camel.

to find a familiar camel.
Source: 100% Guides
Great Sandy Desert
Source: 100% Guides

Go to this location in the Great Sandy Desert, then find an NPC sitting on a rock to start the quest.

Finding the Camel

Finding the Camel

From the location of the quest giver, head north, then go to the place indicated in the image above to find the camel.


You will find the camel surrounded by enemies. Interact with the camel to trigger a cutscene and a battle after that. Win the fight to continue the quest.

From the interaction with the Strawhat crew and the camel, you will learn that this camel was with them and got lost in the Alabasta arc.

Go back to the quest giver, Saien, to report about the missing camel and complete the sidequest.

Completing this quest rewards you with Eye-lashes’s Record Cube, Saien’s Necklace, and 30,000 berries.

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