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The Top 10 Games for Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Stay out of the blues with these whimsical gems.




The Top 10 Games for Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Some amazing games out there can be a sweet taste of wholesomeness and cheerfulness!

To help relax your bitter souls in such stressful moments, we have crafted this guide to show our ranking of games we like to play after a stressful day.

These are as follows:

Candy Crush

Candy Crush

This game has a charming appearance and addictive gameplay. We have spent countless hours in this delightful game solving endless puzzles!

Overall, this comes off as a beautiful puzzle game with astounding visual design, a cheerful soundtrack, and gameplay that make it a must-try experience. 


Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrapping is an immensely relaxing experience for many people. Modern technology has allowed bubble wrapping to become a pocket experience.

You can do it anywhere you like, for as long as you, please. We believe this to be one of the more relaxing games on the list, albeit it’s more of a gimmick than an actual video game. 



This game is similar in appearance to candy crush. A stellar presentation with nice graphics makes this game eye-candy. In addition to these elements, you can find in Bejeweled a lot of different settings that allow the player to achieve Zen mode.

Quite literally, the game features a mode named “Zen” which allows you to enjoy the more stress-relieving parts of the experience. 

Paper Toss

Paper Toss

Remember those times in high school (or maybe at work) when you were so bored that you crafted paper balls and threw them from your desk into the trashcan for fun?

If you do, you can finally relive the magic of said experience in Paper Toss.



In this award-winning game, you will flip blocks in a minimalist, never-ending stream of puzzles. We believe this game can help gamers reduce anxiety and stress due to its colorful vibe and general cozy atmosphere.

If you love puzzle games and relaxing, Outfolded is a mandatory experience.

Personal Zen

Created with the help of a team of neuroscientists, Personal Zen Is a mobile game app designed into helping people overcome strong episodes of stress and anxiety.

The way it works is by re-directing the user’s focus from negative thoughts to more positive thoughts and images.

Pokémon Café Remix

Pokemon Cafe Remix

Pokémon needs no introduction. However, their games have never been particularly well-known for their relaxing mechanics.

Pokémon Café is a charming experience in which the player will oversee a café shop run side by side with Pokémon.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

In this hectic experience, the player will control gaming’s most famous plumber once againas he tries to keep on running through levels.

This game can become distracting and immersive due to its engaging gameplay and mechanics. This makes it a rather relaxing game if you can afford to play it.



This game makes a perfect blend of relaxation and mind training. Wordscapes will challenge its players with an array of puzzles, crosswords, and anagrams.

This combination of skills will help you relax and sharpen your mind at the same time!

Monument Valley

Monument Valley 1

In this beautiful adventure, players will control a silent princess as she travels a stunning world. This game centers its gameplay around solving puzzles by manipulating elements in the world.

If you wish to play a beautiful and relaxing game, Monument Valley should be on your list!

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