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The Entropy Centre: Puzzle 0902 Guide

A strange new cube!

Nicole Barelli



the entropy centre puzzle 0902 guide

Stubby Games’ The Entropy Centre continues to baffle players with its puzzle rooms. If you’ve come this far, you’re probably familiar with the game’s structure… but what happens when a new mechanic is added to the game? If Puzzle 0902 has got you confused, we got you covered!

Puzzle 0902 Guide – The Entropy Centre

New Act, new mechanic. This time, The Entropy Centre adds the tall cube, an item that’s unfolded if you try to rewind it! Understanding how this new cube works might take some time, but it’s easy once you do.

First things first. Grab the tall cube (which, when you enter the room, is in its unfolded state) and place it at the foot of the platform you can’t reach (yet).

the entropy centre puzzle 0902 guide2

Next, take the bridge cube and put it on the pressure pad at the back of the room. Pick up the bridge cube again and set both it and yourself atop the tall cube.

Rewind the tall cube to restore its tall state, allowing you to reach the platform. Bring to bridge cube with you to create over the distance that separates you from the other side of the room.

the entropy centre puzzle 0902 guide3

Now, simply rewind the bridge cube until it’s atop the pressure pad. Once the lights turn green, speed away to the next puzzle!

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