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The Entropy Centre: Puzzle 0901 Guide

Can you outsmart the impossible?

Nicole Barelli



the entropy centre puzzle 0901 guide

Welcome to Act 9 of The Entropy Centre! Stubby Games’ mind-bending time manipulator is about to test your wits and your patience in new and fascinating ways. Puzzle 0901 is the first of the bunch, and if you find a roadblock, don’t worry! That’s what this guide is here for.

Puzzle 0901 Guide – The Entropy Centre

After dealing with a swarm of bots and a lockdown sequence, you’ll arrive at the puzzle area.

Here, the first thing you’ll do is pick up the bridge box and set it in front of the metal fence in a way that it points at the exit (image below for reference since it may be hard to see).

the entropy centre puzzle 0901 guide2

Pick the bridge box up again and hold it above the river for a second. Then, put it on the ground to create a path across the river.

Take the laser box, and before you cross, hold it above the river for a second too. Use the laser to activate the panel and bring the elevator to you.

the entropy centre puzzle 0901 guide3

Hop onto the elevator and rewind the laser box until it activates the panel again to make the elevator go up.

Once you reach the platform, rewind the laser and the bridge box until you drop them both into the river.

Head downstairs to the next area and fish the two boxes out of the river. In case you can’t reach one of them, rewind the box until it’s close enough for you to grab it.

the entropy centre puzzle 0901 guide4

Create a bridge across the river and take the laser box with you. Then rewind the bridge box until it’s back at the fence, the position where we put it at the beginning of the puzzle.

the entropy centre puzzle 0901 guide5

You’ll notice that now you can cross the abyss. Take the laser box with you, use it to activate the panel on the other side, and voilà! The passage to the next puzzle is open. See you there!

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