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The Entropy Centre: Puzzle 0805 Guide

Don’t hit your head against the wall!

Nicole Barelli



the entropy centre puzzle 0805 guide

Are you among the players that breezed through Act 8 of The Entropy Centre? Well, Puzzle 0805 is here to remind you that you shouldn’t tread the stream of time lightly! If you’re having trouble with this challenge, your problems are about to end!

Puzzle 0805 Guide – The Entropy Centre

Puzzle 0805 is sneaky, so don’t blame yourself if you haven’t found the solution. As soon as you arrive, your task is to pick the weight box up and place it on the springboard—the one with a lock pad symbol next to it.

Next, step onto the bigger pressure pad. Watch as it catapults the box to the other end of the room—there’s something funny about it, doesn’t it?

Once the box land, catch it again and rewind. Your goal here is to block the blue laser you see near the ceiling.

the entropy centre puzzle 0805 guide2

Next up, pass through the door that opened and bring the box back to the floor on your side. Catch it, put it on the pressure pad, and remove it from the button.

Head to the elevator on the back, latch onto the weight box, and rewind time until it’s once more atop the pressure pad.

the entropy centre puzzle 0805 guide3

So far, so good, right? Now things get more interesting! Grab the laser box and climbs down the elevator.

Next, you’ll want to repeat the process you did for the first box: put the laser box on the springboard and step onto the pressure pad to launch it to the other side.

Rewind it until it blocks the laser near the ceiling, pass through the open door, and bring the laser box back to your side.

Afterwards, move the weight box from the pressure pad it’s currently in to the second pressure pad beside the first. Grab the laser box and take it to the pressure pad in the other room, the one that activates the springboard.

Ready for a little adventure? For now, it’s you who’ll step into the springboard! As you travel through the air, be careful to land on the steel platform that you couldn’t access before.

the entropy centre puzzle 0805 guide4

With this done, latch onto the laser box and rewind time until it comes near enough to you that you can grab it and bring it with you.

Take the laser box to the room on your right and aim it at the panel until it turns blue, and the cables connected to it turn green.

the entropy centre puzzle 0805 guide5

Phew! Breathe a sigh of relief—you did it! Leave the room and enjoy a few moments of peace… until the next challenge!

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