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The Entropy Centre: Puzzle 0804 Guide

Trips across space-continuum!

Nicole Barelli



the entropy centre puzzle 0804 guide

Stubby Games’ The Entropy Centre continues to challenge players with puzzles that initially seem impossible. But are they? No! And if you need proof that anyone can conquer Puzzle 0804, this guide is here to help you before your brain splits up in agony!

Puzzle 0804 Guide – The Entropy Centre

Puzzle 0804 opens with a big beach section. Feel free to enjoy the calmness of this part of the scenario, but it’s not part of the puzzle.

For the puzzle itself, you’ll want to pick up the laser box and put it in front of the activation panel nearby.

the entropy centre puzzle 0804 guide2

Now comes the trickier part. Grab the jump pad and place it between the two big, white pillars. Afterwards, grab it again and moved it next to the elevator.

Next, pick the laser box and jump on the jump pad to reach the elevator. Aim the laser at the activation panel and be quick to release the box before the elevator takes you up!

the entropy centre puzzle 0804 guide3

Leave the laser box floating there and jump onto the pillar once you can. Up there, latch onto the laser box and rewind time until the laser is once again interacting with the first activation panel.

the entropy centre puzzle 0804 guide4

With that done, rewind the jump pad until it’s settled between the two white pillars. Dive down onto the jump pad, and as you go up again, advance to the second pillar.

Enjoy a quiet walk across the bridge and then celebrate—you’ve completed another puzzle!

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