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The Entropy Centre: Puzzle 0803 Guide

More time tricks to perform!

Nicole Barelli



the entropy centre puzzle 0803 guide

Act 8 of The Entropy Centre continues with Puzzle 0803. Has Stubby Games’ mind-bending puzzle adventure beaten you yet? Of course not! Because even if you get stuck, you can always count on our guides!

Puzzle 0803 Guide – The Entropy Centre

This puzzle is quite straightforward, but the presence of a time gate might confuse some players. Don’t let it fool you, this obstacle is here just as a decoration!

What you need to do is, before crossing the time gate, move the laser box so that its ray hit the fuse box on the other side of the grate.

the entropy centre puzzle 0803 guide2

After this, move past the time gate and collect the weight box. Put it on the pressure pad, pick it up again, and put it in front of the laser box to block the ray.

the entropy centre puzzle 0803 guide3

Next, climb onto the elevator and rewind the weight box until it’s atop the pressure pad. Leave through the newly-opened door and bingo! That’s another puzzle completed!

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