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The Entropy Centre: Act 9 Lockdown Sequence Guide

Surviving the lockdown.

Nicole Barelli



the entropy centre act 9 lockdown sequence guide

The challenges you’ll face in Stubby Games’ The Entropy Centre are not limited to time-bending, complex puzzles! What else, you might imagine? Well, there are a few robots that will make your life more difficult. One of those occasions happens at the beginning of Act 9, where you’ll face a Lockdown Sequence! Worried? Don’t need to! This guide will show you exactly how you can escape the Lockdown.

Act 9 Lockdown Sequence Guide – The Entropy Centre

After dealing with the crazy robots, you’ll receive a warning that a lockdown sequence is about to initiate. To escape, you’ll have to interact with a couple of switches. Ready?

Start by picking up the springboard on your right, then use it to jump into the room in front of you. Press the button inside to turn the yellow cables into green.

the entropy centre act 9 lockdown sequence guide3

Go back down, take the springboard, and walk straight. You’ll see there’s another room that you’ll need to use the springboard to reach. Do it, and once more press the button inside.

As soon as you press it, new enemy robots will appear. Deal with them, so you won’t be troubled.

Once the area is clear, collect your springboard and take it up the ramp where you destroyed one of the bots.

the entropy centre act 9 lockdown sequence guide4

Again, use the springboard to reach a room and press the last of the buttons. With this, the lockdown will be deactivated, and you can proceed to Puzzle 0901. See you there!

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