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The Chant: You Have Chosen Wisely Achievement Guide

Choose wisely if you wish to survive the horror!

Nicole Barelli



the chant you have chosen wisely achievement guide

The Chant is a horror action-adventure game released on November 3rd. A spiritual ritual goes awry, awakening a dimension of psychedelic menaces, and it’s up to the players to survive and escape. And if you’re a player who enjoys an extra challenge, the game includes trophies/achievements you can unlock. One of them is the You Have Chosen Wisely achievement. Do you know how to unlock it?

Guide for The Chant’s You Have Chosen Wisely Achievement

The achievement’s description says, “Complete the Rafters puzzle without falling.” Sounds hard, right? But you’ll be surprised at how simple it can be with a good guide!

In Chapter 5, you’ll encounter an area with rickety pathways that you must traverse to avoid the red glowing (and deadly!) floor. But the trick is that if you step on the wrong rafter, it will break, and you’ll fall!

the chant you have chosen wisely achievement guide2
The Chant You Have Chosen Wisely Guide | Stevivor – YouTube

Now, take a deep breath, and follow these instructions: cross the middle rafter to get to the puzzle area, then choose far left, far right, and far left again.

If for some reason your game presents a different order, don’t fret! Simply reload the checkpoint and try again.

You’ll unlock the achievement as long as you can complete the crossing once without falling!

Many thanks to Stevivor and his video for the guide.

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