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The Chant: Where to Find the Ingredients for Maya

Quickly get through your first chapter playthrough with this guide

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The Chant Where to Find the Ingredients for Maya

The First Chapter of The Chant sufficiently introduces the player to in-game mechanics that will be useful later on. The player will be tasked to find ingredients past the paddleboard for Maya in the kitchen.

The ingredients are located outside the kitchen, past the paddleboard. You will be looking very closely at the plants to see if they are the plants you need. This guide will quickly help you identify which plants to look out for. Let’s get started

Where to Find the Ingredients for Maya

Once you step out of the kitchen, head to the red paddleboard. Beside the paddleboard will be a path leading to the ingredients you need for Maya.

Where to Find the Ingredients for Maya
Image source: Trophytom

After following the path a bit, you will see a violet or purple plant on the ground. This is a lavender plant. This will be the ingredient you will find, so simply pick this up.

Image source: Trophytom

Once you see a dead tree ahead, don’t worry because your player can go under it. Afterward, you will encounter a blue plant. This is spiritcap and you also need this for the quest.

Image source: Trophytom

And finally, the last ingredient can be found just opposite of the spirit cap. The plant has red color at its base that’s surrounded the green leaves.

found just opposite of the spirit cap

The last ingredient is Ginger. Simply pick it up to successfully accomplish the quest. This will enable you to move on to the next quest, so congratulations!

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