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The Best Hidden Gems on Steam: A Guide to Underrated PC Games

Let’s look at three Steam games that we think stand out and could use some love!




The Best Hidden Gems on Steam A Guide to Underrated PC Games

We’ve all been there, wanting to play something but not being sure what to play. With hundreds of games being released every year, it can be difficult to know what to spend your time on.

There are more than 40 years of video games to play through, so the idea of picking something being a challenge makes sense.

If there is one platform that can provide a tremendous selection of games and make picking something to spend your time on, it’s Steam.

Not only does Steam have a generous selection of new games, but it has older legacy titles as well.

To help you pick something that is both fun and unique, here are three great hidden gems on Steam that we could recommend:

The Silver Case

The Silver Case
Source: Steam

The Silver Case was created by Suda 51, the mind behind No More Heroes, Killer7, Shadows of the Damned, and many other creative titles.

While most of Suda’s works are rather well-known, The Silver Case is an expectation.

The Silver Case was released back in 1999 but was exclusive to Japan. However, it has been localized, so you can now play this little-known point-and-click adventure for yourself. 

Alien Soldier

Alien Soldier
Source: Steam

Alien Solider was initially exclusive to PAL regions and Japan. The game was developed for the Sega Genesis and was later brought over to PC on Steam.

Alien Solder is a difficult run-and-gun game that will remind many of Cup Head, and for a good reason.

In fact, the Cup Head creators have cited Alien Soldier and other titles developed by its creator, Treasure, as inspiration. 


Source: Steam

Deathsmile was created by Cave, a legendary shoot-em-up developer. This bullet hell has you control multiple witches, all with varying skills and playstyles.

What sets Deathsmiles apart from other shooters, not including the masterful coding and overall great design, is that your hitbox is represented by a tiny glowing dot on your character.

This makes dodging much easier and justifies the ridiculous amount of bullets you have to contend with.

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