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The Best Game Engine for Beginners to Learn 2D Game Development

Start your journey as a 2D game developer with the use of these game engines.

Romeli Daclizon



The Best Game Engine for Beginners to Learn 2D Game Development 1

A game engine is where a game developer uses many tools to develop the game they envisioned. These tools can often be called nodes or APIs, but they are what a game developer needs to have a better experience.

Professionals use many game engines, and finding one to support your development can be challenging.

Best Game Engines for 2D Game Development

These are some of the best game engines for beginners that want to learn 2D game development.


Source: BuildBox

If you are still a beginner in 2D game development, Buildbox is one of the best game engines that will introduce you to it. The game engine provides templates to help you design a game after downloading and installing it.

As you learn and get comfortable with the program, you can start changing the settings, giving you more game freedom. Buildbox has a drag-and-drop system that allows you to pick aspects of your game.

Additionally, you can export games you designed in Buildbox to all platforms.

Construct 3

Construct 3 1
Source: Airscape – The Fall of Gravity

The Construct 3 game engine is another excellent start for a beginner in 2D development. It has an interface that resembles Microsoft products like Excel and Word, allowing you to become familiar with the program and learn it quickly.

The ability to create web-based applications and games, particularly in the HTML 5 environment. It is a critical feature that makes this platform an excellent resource for teaching and learning cutting-edge web design techniques.

The Construct 3 is affordable, and you can even try the free version if you are still determining if this is the game engine for you.


Source: CoronaLabs (SDK) Archives

The next game engine is Corona, a free, open-source game design engine that allows you to create cross-platform prototypes. Cross-platform will enable you to play games using a different platform while playing with other players.

For example, you can play against PC players while on the console.

Corona also has a large community where you can ask for tips as a new beginner in developing games.

GameMaker 2

GameMaker 2

The following game engine is GameMaker 2, which supports both two-dimensional and three-dimensional games. Still, it is mainly used to create 2D games.

This game engine is excellent for beginners because it allows you to create visual elements for your game early on. This gives you a perspective on how your game looks at the start.

Like other game engines, it has a drag-and-drop method, allowing you to prototype your game as early as possible.

You can try if the GameMaker 2 is the game engine for you, as it has a free trial period.


Unity 1

The Unity game engine allows you to develop games for almost every platform. It has a vast community of developers, which helps to create more tools and assets that you can use.

However, it’s also one of the most expensive game engines you can get.

In conclusion, there are only so many game engines. You can avail yourself of the free trial on some of the game engines mentioned on our list, like Construct 3 and GameMaker 2, to find the best for you.

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