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The Best City-Building Games to Play in Your Downtime

Let’s have a look at some relaxing building games you can play.

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The Best City Building Games to Play in Your Downtime

City-building games are a niche genre that players are enjoying in recent years. This genre may not be in the mainstream, but it has a loyal fanbase and its games generally have great reviews.

This genre is one of those games where you can easily lose track of time in immersion. If you are looking to get into the city-building genre, this article have you covered

Best City-Building Games

There are tons of city-building games out there, and we’ll show you some of the best in this genre:

1. Cities: Skylines

Cities Skylines

Source: newgamenetwork

When it comes to the city-building genre, one of the games that greatly represent it is Cities: Skylines. This game basically provides a modern take on the well-loved city-building genre.

This fresh take immerses long-time players of the genre while also providing a good entry game for new players. Recent reviews of this game are Very Positive.

Tropico 6

Tropico 6

Source: shacknews

This game puts you in the position of a nation’s leader and your choices of city building will affect its future.

You can choose either dictator or a diplomat in this game. You can also use your political principles to survive different eras that the game will pit against you.

You will also need to deal with opposing political parties and elections. This game is definitely for die-hard players, but its complex system is definitely intriguing for new players as well.

Romans: Age of Caesar

Romans Age of Caesar

For the fans of the empire of Rome, this city-building game puts you in the iconic era of the Romans. This game tasks you to rebuild the once-great Roman empire.

What’s unique in this game is that this is actually a multiplayer city-building MMO. Not only will you work with others to build your empire, but you are also faced with invading forces and the problem of establishing trade routes.

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