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Terraria: How to Get Baby Red Panda | Bamboo Leaf

Buy the bamboo leaf from this vendor to obtain a Baby Red Panda.

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Terraria How to Get Baby Red Panda Bamboo Leaf

Pets are critters that follow your character in Terraria. They are invincible and have no duration unless you dismiss them by summoning a different pet or dying.

Aside from that, summoning a pet will also give you a buff.

One of the pets you can obtain in the game is the Baby Red Panda, and we will show you how to get it.

How to Get a Baby Red Panda Pet

How to Get a Baby Red Panda Pet

Source: Udisen Games

The Baby Red Panda is a summoned pet that you can only summon if you have the Bamboo Leaf item. You can only purchase it from the Traveling Merchant at the cost of one Silver.

To spawn the Traveling Merchant, you must have at least two other NPCs present. The Guide NPC counts as one while the Old Man and Skeleton Merchant don’t.

Moreover, the Traveling Merchant won’t spawn if the chat is open or during events like Solar Eclipse, Goblin Army, Frost Legion, Pirate Invasion, and Martian Madness.

How to Get a Baby Red Panda Pet 1

Source: Udisen Games

Spawning the Traveling Merchant

If all the requirements are met, the chance of spawning the Traveling Merchant is 22.12%. He will appear at any time of the day between 4:30 AM and 12:00 PM.

You might have to spawn the Traveling Merchant repeatedly, as the items he will sell are random and he might not have the Bamboo Leaf on his first visit.

Spawning the Traveling Merchant

Source: Udisen Games

Once you have the Bamboo Leaf, equip it on your hotkey and summon the Baby Red Panda.

If you are far away from the Baby Red Panda, it will summon a flying bamboo to catch up to you.

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