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Terraria: How to Get Architect Gizmo Pack

This guide will show you how to get the Architect Gizmo pack.




Terarria How to Get Architect Gizmo Pack

The Architect Gizmo Pack in Terraria is an excellent tool that can significantly improve the building capability of your character.

It increases building speed, automatically paints placed objects, and more.

However, crafting the Architect Gizmo Pack can be somewhat difficult as it requires a specific set of items that you can only buy from the traveling merchant.

If you want to craft the Architect Gizmo Pack, this quick guide will show you how to do it.

What the Architect Gizmo Pack Does

What the Architect Gizmo Pack Does

Source: Udisen Games

As mentioned previously, the Architect Gizmo Pack is an accessory that will increase block and wall placement speed while automatically painting placed objects.

However, it also increases the block and wall placement range by three. With this, you can craft quicker and higher at the same time, making it the most optimal tool when crafting in Terraria.

Crafting the Gizmo Pack

Crafting the Gizmo Pack

Source: Udisen Games

Crafting the Architech Gizmo Pack can be challenging as you must buy all of the items required from the traveling merchant.

The problem is that the merchant comes randomly because, as the name implies, he is always traveling.

Once you encounter the merchant, you can buy all four items required to craft the pack for 40 gold. The four items required for the pack are as follows:

  • ‎Hand of Creation
  • ‎Brick Layer
  • ‎Paint Sprayer
  • ‎Portable Cement Mixer

Once you have all four pieces, you must craft the pack in the Tinkerer’s Workshop which you must buy from Dalek the in the Snow Pylon for 8 gold and 40 silver.

And there you have it. You now have the Architect Gizmo Pack! 

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