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Tavuz Gagnant Necklace Location – Forspoken

Freeze your enemies and finish them off quickly by getting this necklace.

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Tavuz Gagnant Necklace Location Forspoken

Much like any other RPG, the things you wield and wear are important in Forspoken and can help you in combat.

One such item that we highly recommend you get is the Tavuz Gagnant Necklace. This simple guide will help you locate this necklace.

Tavuz Gagant Necklace Location

This necklace can be found in Coline which is on the southeast side of the map. You can find this area in the image below. Simply fast travel to this location below.

Tavuz Gagant Necklace Location


Once you arrive at the location, simply head to the platform in front of the evenly spaced houses and you will see the chest.

The necklace can be found inside the chest, so you will need to open it.

Tavuz Gagant Necklace Location 1


Now that you have retrieved the Yavuz Gagnant Necklace, head to your inventory to equip it.

This necklace can give you a significant advantage in battle through its attributes.  It gives you a Precision Counter which freezes enemies in place.

Another attribute this necklace gives you is that its casting frequency can boost your Surge Magic’s recharge rate.

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