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Tactics Orge Reborn: Best Early Game Skills to Get

Find out which skills are best to acquire early on




Tactics Orge Reborn Best Early Game Skills to Get

Tactics Ogre Reborn belongs to The Ogre Battle series that started way back in 1993. The game possesses a unique combination of real-time tactics and RPG, it was a real breath of fresh air for gamers, and it became a hit for RPG fans.

To get better at the game, you must be planning every move you make each turn can lead you to victory.

This game isn’t your normal brawl-it or FPS game, you must use tactics to be able to win battles.

There are skills you accumulate that determine your party build. What skills you get early on determines how fast you are going to progress in the game.

This guide is going to show you which are the best early-game skills to get. Let’s dive in.

Best Early Game Skills to Get

To acquire skills you just need to level up your characters.  Leveling up means grinding levels but they are not that hard in the game since there are a lot of places you can do this.

There are skills that are built for offense and one for defense. In the early game, survival is very important in this period. Thus, I would recommend picking up a few survival skills as you progress such as the ones mentioned below.


These are the recommendable skills:

  • Dodge
  • Fortify
  • Sidestep
  • Spell Ward
  • Resistance
  • Field Alchemy

Depending on your build, you will also need to get offensive skills. Here are the best early ones to get.

When it comes to offense these are:

  • Strength
  • Counter Attack
  • Mighty Impact
  • Tremendous Shot
  • Elemental Magic

Sometimes enemies drop Tarot Cards when picked up by a character that gives stats.

You can grind to your heart’s content until your enemies can’t deal any more damage, but that kills the thrill you are about to face on the upcoming challenge.

Follow the skills mentioned in the guide to get ahead in the early game.

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