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T3 Arena: How to Play Hunter Hero Guide

Become T3 Arena’s first Master Hunter using this Guide

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T3 Arena How to Play Hunter Hero Guide

T3 Arena is composed of many heroes to fun heroes to play. Since it’s a 3v3 hero shooter, each hero offers different playstyles to win. Some are fast yet squishy while some are slow but can hit hard. Players are still trying to learn which hero fits best for each playstyle.

Hunter is one of those heroes that rewards a precise and fun play style. Many players often go in gun blazing without an afterthought, but Hunter is a hero that prefers to play it at a distance and provide value for the team yet packs serious damage if left alone.

This guide will teach you how to jumpstart your road to becoming the best Hunter in T3 Arena.

How to Play Hunter

Hunter is a strong Damage dealer that excels in dealing with damage from a distance. Deriving from his Hunter name, he hunts enemies by using his abilities to gain an advantage in the fight.

Burst Fire Rifle

His primary weapon is called the Burst Fire Rifle. This is a burst type of rifle that fires 3 strong bursts of damage at a time, even from a distance.

This weapon is best utilized from medium to long ranges. Due to its burst characteristics, this makes it very hard to laser down an enemy which means Hunter is vulnerable to fast characters that close the distance.

Burst Fire Rifle
Image credits: Leoricprogameguides

Flare Round

Flare Round is Hunter’s active ability that a small amount of damage detects nearby enemies. This ability is a good offensive ability that helps your teammates find enemies.

Flare Round
Image credits: Leoricprogameguides

Not only that, but it’s also a good defensive ability against enemies that rush you since it also gives a speed boost on top of the other effects.

Ultimate ability

Hunter’s ultimate ability is charged shot. The ability fires a specially charged shot that does extra damage and deals a knockback against enemies.

Ultimate ability Hunter T3 Arena
Image credits: Leoricprogameguides

Since Hunter’s weakness is close-range combat, he can use this ability to quickly gain back space and propel the opponent away.

Possibly even delete them from the game if they’re low enough.

Passive Ability

His passive ability is Rotation Runner. Hunter will instantly get another flame charge after eliminating an enemy

Passive Ability
Image credits: Leoricprogameguides

Hunter is one of the strongest damage dealers in the game, even providing value beyond damage like revealing enemies. But his weakness is sudden close-range combat, so what separates a good hunter from a master hunter will be most likely his positioning.

The secret is using his abilities to make space and make sure you’re in the optimal position to deal damage. Make sure to implement these tips and you will become the best Hunter in your games in no time.

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