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T3 Arena: How to Play Gloria | Top Tips and Tricks

Become T3 Arena’s first Master Gloria using this Guide

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T3 Arena How to Play Gloria Top Tips and Tricks

T3 Arena is a free-to-play hero shooter that’s out now on mobile. Since it’s a 3v3 hero shooter, each hero offers different playstyles to win. Certain heroes excel in dealing damage from afar while others are good at bursting enemies in close combat. Players are still trying to learn which hero fits best for each playstyle.

If you love guns, Gloria should be your top pick. She has two guns that she can switch anytime without cooldowns which are great depending on the situation. The way she handles enemies is simple, either burst them down with her rifle or rain them down in bullet hell with the shotgun.

This guide will teach you how to jumpstart your road to becoming the best Gloria in T3 Arena.

How to Play Gloria in T3 Arena

Gloria is a perfect hero for players who want to deal damage against enemies in any type of situation. Along with her strong firepower, she also has an ultimate that explores, dealing explosive damage on top of her already high damage.

Gloria’s Two Guns

Gloria has a shotgun and a sniper.

When she equips her sniper, her movement speed is reduced but she can deal strong damage from a distance. It has a slight upwards recoil, but it’s very manageable.

Glorias Two Guns
Image credits: Daddyfade

Once you’ve mowed someone down with your sniper, chances are they’re going to try to close the distance down to attack you.

Luckily, you can switch to your shotgun to quickly dispose of them. The shotgun is very strong at close range and can also be used offensively to finish off a close enemy.

Ultimate Ability

Gloria’s ultimate throws a timed bomb that slows enemies while inflicting significant damage. This is best used at a choke point when enemies decide to huddle up together.

Ultimate Ability 1
Image credits: Daddyfade

A good tip is that the grenade also bounces off walls. Keep this in mind when you think the enemy always anticipates your ultimate throws.

The key to becoming a master Gloria is to determine which weapon is best used for each situation. Aside from hitting your shots, what separates Gloria from others is her versatile yet strong set of guns. A bad Gloria will choose the wrong gun for the situation while a great one will properly determine if they should use the shotgun or sniper.

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