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Symphony of War: How to Upgrade Units

Grind your way to victory and strengthen your troops by upgrading them.




Symphony of War How to Upgrade Units

Symphony of War is a role-playing game that does not only focus on the story plot but also lets you creatively strategize the battle.

In every duel, you will be required to deploy up to nine units to form a squad. Their roles are different from each other so it is all up to you how you will make the play–a bunch of fighters with a few back lane healers, or vice versa, name it! The final decision will always be in your hand.

However, the progress and the experience earned by units are not centralized. This means that a hard work of a particular unit will only benefit that specific unit and its class, and will not affect the whole squad. So, it is just natural to have a squad with different levels and tiers.

To be able to make your units stronger and battle-ready, it is important to maintain and monitor each of your units. Upgrading them is necessary.

That being said, we made this article to help you out in upgrading your units.

How to Upgrade Units in Symphony of War

How to Upgrade Units in Symphony of War

Each unit has its own stats namely the HP, XP, CP, Capacity, Threat, Weapon, Armor, STR, MAG, SKL, and LDR. But in this context, all we have to give focus on is the character’s CP.

class points

CP is also known as the class points. You can see a blue progress bar under the unit’s experience points.

Over time, the unit will gain class points as long as you are using it in battles. Make sure to grind units that you want to upgrade, or use CP items. This indicator shows if your unit is already available for upgrading to the next tier.

When the CP bar is full, then it simply indicates that you can now finally upgrade it.

To upgrade the unit, go to Change Class and click the unit you want to upgrade. A list of all the units you can choose will be shown on the right side of the screen. If you have already chosen the unit you want to upgrade it into, the next thing you would want to do now is to check if you have enough stats to do this.

Change Class
Source: Dancing Dragon Games

Hover your cursor over the prospect unit and you will see all the requirements to upgrade your unit above the box. On the other hand, you can check the current stats beside the current unit.

Given that you already have the needed materials, click on the new unit and select Promote. And with those simple steps, you have already upgraded your unit. Do these to other units and make your lineup indestructible,

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