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Symphony of War: How to Change Class

Are you having a sudden change of heart? Go on and change your class!




Symphony of War How to Change Class

Have you ever had an experience wherein you suddenly had the urge to change class while playing a strategic role-playing game but the game does not allow you? That is the frustrating part of the game.

However, here in Symphony of War, you will be given a chance to change the class of your character.

Pro Tip: make sure to max out one character before you change classes.

Moving on, this guide will help you to understand how you can change your class in Symphony of War.

How to Change Class in Symphony of War

How to Change Class in Symphony of War
Source: Dancing Dragon Games

If you want to go change the class of one from your lineup, simply go see your squad.

Click Change Class on the right side, and pick which character you would like to change.

Change Class Symphony of war
Source: Dancing Dragon Games

When you do this, you will be directed to the list of all the other troops you can deploy.

However, you should pay attention to the bar under the currently used character. You can see there the CP or the class points.

This bar will let you know if this unit can be upgraded. Once it is full then it is the time when you can try out other units given that you have also reached the requirements such as the armor, strength, weapon, etc.

CP or the points
Source: Dancing Dragon Games

Once you have already decided on which troop to choose, select and click Promote to change it. Now that you have a tier 2 troop with not enough CP, all you can do with it is demote it to the previous one.

If you would like to have a higher tier unit, just do the same thing from grinding to increasing the CP until you completed the requirements needed for your goal unit.

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