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Symphony of War: How to Beat Beatrix

Take courage and face the powerful archmage, Beatrix!




Symphony of War How to Beat Beatrix

The game, Symphony of War, is all about strategizing and being creative with your lineups in order to defeat powerful enemies. While doing so, you are also getting fed by the story as you progress in the game.

When you reach chapter 11: Deadly Gambit, you will have to face a strong archmage named Beatrix. And that is why we made this guide for you.

Not just because Beatrix is a very strong opponent, but also because you will earn an achievement once you have already defeated Beatrix.

How to Beat Beatrix in Symphony of War

How to Beat Beatrix in Symphony of War

As mentioned, Beatrix is a very powerful unit which makes this battle a long one. That is why we will be dividing this article into turns and will break down what you must do according to what you will encounter.

But first things first! You have to deploy armies both to the south and to the east. Make sure that the units going east are guarded with shields and strong armor. While the units going south are best to be Barnabas.

That will be for the first and second turns.

Third Turn

The main objective of your third turn is to pursue the eastern part while the Barnabas are going south in pursuit of Beatrix’s location.

Fourth Turn

In this case, your ally knights will retreat because Beatrix will slowly wipe them out on her own. While this is happening, be persistent in pushing the middle area with the Monastery.

Fifth Turn

Fifth Turn

This time, your allies should be able to reach most of the middle area. You will also be able to get the chest on the right side. You can also use this to let your people capture the town and eventually, the resources too.

Until you reach the sixth turn, you will also be able to get some chests. You can actually use the Grappling Hook with your archer to easily do this.

Seventh Turn

In this stage, you will now have to take down the Fortress. This can take you a while but if you are consistent in maintaining and upgrading your units, you might actually do this pretty quickly.

From here, you will be able to defeat Beatrix especially if you have higher-tier units in your lineup.

There are also three challenges that you can unlock in this one: Complete The Chapter within 20 turns, Complete The Chapter within 15 turns, and Complete The Chapter within 10 turns.

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