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Superfuse: Lightning Berserker Thunder Guide

A guide for using the Lighting Berserker Thunder.

Edmond Herrera



Superfuse Lightning Berserker Thunder Guide 1

Superfuse is a co-op action RPG game that is generally well-loved by the community. The reason why this game is being enjoyed is the class system for its characters.

Even though there are just three classes, you can still tailor it to their preferred playstyle. More importantly, the game has a simple upgrade system for the skills of their classes.

One type of class that players are using is the Lightning Berserker. This guide will teach you how to play in this class.

Lightning Berserker Thunder Guide

If you want to be the best at this class, you have to know the skills in-depth. Here are the skills that the Lightning Berserker Thunder has:

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt
Source: ldodmg

This is the first skill that you will unlock from the talent tree. This ranged skill is a breath of fresh air since the berserker class generally has melee skills.

This skill deals ice damage with a range of five to twenty-eight and three energy cost.

The only downside to this skill is that it has a small chance of missing, so make sure that you upgrade your accuracy


Source: ldodmg

This buff ability will infuse you with lightning to deal additional lightning damage to your attacks and spells.

This skill will cost 10 energy, so time it well to deal great damage.

The base version of this skill may be a bit weaker, but it can be significantly improved through fuses.

Lightning Shield

Lightning Shield 1
Source: ldodmg

This skill gives you an artificial cover that absorbs ranged attacks. Since most areas are wide, this skill can give you room to breathe so you can recover when you are getting overwhelmed.

This skill is free of charge, but using this will make you unable to attack.


Thunder is the highlight of this article which you can unlock at level 8. This skill will launch you into the air and slam into the ground, dealing massive AOE damage.

Moreover, it can deal a damage range of 28-246 with an energy cost of 28.

Ricochet and  Homing

These two fuses will make your projectiles bounce off walls and automatically target nearby enemies.

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