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Superfuse: How to Play Technomancer | Skills Guide

Learn how you can play the Technomancer class and even master it!




Superfuse How to Play Technomancer Skills Guide

Superfuse’s unique, isometric hack-and-slash action RPG gameplay allows you to tailor your favorite class based on your playstyle.

You have numerous classes to choose from including the Elementalist, Berserker, and Technomancer.

The Technomancer has many unique skills, most of which involve her attached spider legs.

She also has a lot of different abilities that may take some time to get used to, especially if you are new to the game.

If you want to play this class, this guide will shed some light on how you can get the most out of it.

Metal Power

Metal Power Overview
Source: Idodmg

The metal powers of the Technomancer are more about direct attacking. Here is a look at each ability that comes with her metal skill set:

  • Bolt Storm – Absorb all metal in an area, then launch yourself at the enemy.
  • Impale – Summon a spike in a set area, damaging enemies as it spawns.
  • Metal Shard – Launch a metal shard in one area, leaving behind a metal scrap.
  • Salvage – Absorb scrap to gain a temporary regeneration buff.
  • Scrap Ball – Spawn a swirling ball of scrap, inflicting damage on all enemies in its path while drawing in nearby metal from your other skills, causing it to grow.

Minions Power

Minions Power Overview
Source: Idodmg

The Technomancer’s minion powers will spawn different minions to help you battle.

This skill set will allow you to keep a safe distance while dealing a lot of damage, making it great for crowd control.

Here is a look at each ability that comes with the minion skill set:

  • Buzzjaw – Spawn a minion that runs in and deals melee damage.
  • Construct – Spawn a minion from metal using an enemy as a template, creating a mirror image of your opponent.
  • Decoy – Spawn a decoy minion to draw enemy attention so you can escape and deal damage from afar.
  • Lazerbeak – Spawn a minion that attacks from the far by dealing ranged damage.
  • Tekhead – Spawn a supporting minion that will help you out in battle.

The skill set that you choose will be based on your playstyle.

If you want to get up close and deal a lot of damage, the metal powers are for you. If you want to hang back and spawn minions to take care of your enemies, the minion powers will better suit you.

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