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Superfuse: How to Play Co-Op With Friends

Get your squad together and play with them in co-op with this guide!




Superfuse How to Play Co Op With Friends

Superfuse is an exciting action game that has charmed players with its mix of hack-and-slash gameplay, comic book superheroes, and Diablo-like elements.

One of its most interesting features is the possibility of enjoying the experience with friends! However, it may get a little tricky.

Fret not and follow this guide to play multiplayer right now!

Open Your Menu

Open Your Menu

Source: The Co-Op Bros

The first step towards playing with your buddies is to choose between the Elementalist, Berseker, and Technomancer.

Remember to pick the class according to your preferred playstyle and to have different classes within your group for variability.

After you’re done, you will be immediately given the option to make a server browser. This will happen before the campaign starts, so don’t worry about accidentally spoiling any of your recent progress.

Create or Join Games

Create or Join Games

Source: The Co-Op Bros

Once the steps we’ve covered previously are done, you will have the option to create a game or join one.

If one of your friends is playing and he is the one hosting, you will need to look for that game using the description and the password your friend has set.

To create a game, you need to set up a password and a description so your friends can find and then access your session.

Share your password with your friends so they can enter your server and join you in a co-op session.

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