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Superfuse: Best Way to Farm Gear

Learn how to farm gear effeciently in Superfuse.




Superfuse Best Way to Farm Gear

The main objective of Superfuse is to hyper-tailor your character in terms of their abilities that best suit your playstyle.

The goal is for you to collect DNA helix to unlock your passive and active abilities.

To back this objective regarding your abilities, you must also learn how to upgrade and craft items to significantly boost your stats.

To be able to do this, you must first have enough materials by farming. We’ll show you how to do it efficiently in this guide.

Best Way to Farm Gear in Superfuse

Best Way to Farm Gear in Superfuse
Source: BabbleOn

Farming gear is one of the most important things that you should learn and understand in Superfuse if you plan on making your character stronger.

Since the game has just started, there are just a few ways to farm gear, and so far, what we will provide you is the current best and most efficient way.

However, as the game improves, you can expect some changes in how you can farm gear.

Go to Alex

Go to Alex
Source: BabbleOn

In Superfuse, you will be dwelling in a town called Eros. Around the town, there will be a lot of merchants and shops where you can buy armor, weapons, and even potions.

But for this particular goal, you have to go to Alex who is a gambling type of vendor.

From the entrance of this area, just head down until you pass by Leon’s potion shop. Just right below Leon’s shop, you will see a separate room with a poker table in the middle.

This is where you can see Alex.

The reason why she is a gambler is that she sells items that have an unidentified rarity. Unlike other shops that only sell similar quality items, Alex allows you to have the opportunity of having an item of excellent quality.

This will cost you more than items from other shops since you have no idea what quality you will get.

How to Buy From Alex

How to Buy From Alex
Source: BabbleOn

By right-clicking the item from Alex’s shop, the item will be transferred to your inventory which will also reveal its quality.

You can hover over the purchased item to compare it with the one you are wearing.

If you are not quite satisfied, you can sell it back to Alex by dragging it back to the slots. Of course, it will have a cheaper selling price.

Refreshing the Store

Refreshing the Store

What’s more interesting here, and the sole reason why it is the best way to farm, is because of how the store refreshes its stocks.

Unlike other stores wherein you have to leave the place and return a little later, here, you just have to close the shop.

After that, you can click Buy/Sell again to refresh the items.

Earning Gold

Earning Gold

The only problem that you might face when using this method is your gold.

Since the items here have higher prices compared to other stores, you might find them too costly.

To earn more gold, make sure to do side quests and missions. Plus, you can also sell some items that you think won’t be necessary for the slot in your inventory.

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