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Summoners War Chronicles: Where to Get Yarn Balls

Reach this level in this Crafting Profession to get Yarn Balls

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Summoners War Chronicles Where to Get Yarn Balls

The most recent installment in the Summoners War series is the action-RPG Summoners War Chronicles. Three summoners are available, and you can alter their look. 

In the game, your summoners can wear several outfits. Yarn Balls are needed for one of these, and we’ll show you where to get them.

How to Get Yarn Balls in Summoners War Chronicle

How to Get Yarn Balls in Summoners War Chronicle
Credits: Gamers Heroes

The outfit for which you must amass Yarn Balls in the Summoners War Chronicles is the New Semester Set. If you complete this set, your HP will go up considerably.

To acquire Yarn Balls, you must go far in the Processing profession.

Obtaining Yarn Balls

Obtaining Yarn Balls
Credits: Gamers Heroes

To make a Yarn Ball, you need to have the highest Thread Bundle possible in Processing. To unlock it, you must be at Level 6 in Processing.

Additionally, you must acquire the ingredients required for its creation.

Yarn Ball
Credits: Gamers Heroes

The Rahil Kingdom story quest’s Chapter 12, Act 2 contains the Processing Profession. You will need to make numerous items for the profession to raise its level, which will take some time.

Additionally, you must acquire various ores because they are required to advance in your profession. The simplest way to get all the different ores is to unlock all the continents.

You can get the extra HP after creating the New Semester Set. Even without wearing it, you can benefit from the buff.

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