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Summoners War Chronicles: Where to Find Faint Magic Cores

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Summoners War Chronicles Where to Find Faint Magic Cores

Summoners War Chronicles have various items ranging from common to rare. Some of these items boost one’s damage to aid them in battle or provide a healing boost to heal up during a heated fight.

One of these items is the faint magic core. This item contains faint magic power that is used in magictech research by novice inventors of Rukurangma.

These are rare items so even if you know where to find them, you might not know the most effective way to get them.

Luckily, this guide will show you exactly how to do that. Let’s get started.

Where to Find Faint Magic Cores

Players can easily find out where a certain item can be acquired when they check the source. The illustration below showcases where you can find faint magic cores.

Where to Find Faint Magic Cores
Image source: Gamersheroes

Fain Magic Cores can be found in these places.

  • Tesca – Sakal Desert and Sokelo Canyon
  • Ayah – Eternal Forst, Glowing Forest, and Paloos

The resource can be mostly found in defeating monsters. This means enemies drop them when they are killed within the areas mentioned.

defeating monsters 1
Image source: Gamersheroes

Do repeat quests in Sakal Desert or Sokelo Canyon if you’re in the earlier areas. However, if you’re in the later levels, you can do this in the Aya area.

Make sure to remember this specific tip. The reality is, you won’t get many of them due to the item’s inherent rarity. But, just by killing creatures in the area from doing repeat quests, you will be able to farm creatures while increasing your chances of getting them dropped from enemies.

This is the most effective method to acquire Faint Magic Cores. Simply follow these steps and you’ll get a bunch of them guaranteed!

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